Pleiadian Healing for the Goddess Awakening

Release fear ~ Remember love

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Activate ~ Align ~ Ascend

I offer a Magnified Ascension Healing System for accelerating change using Pleiadian, Celestial, and Angelic frequencies

to transform through high vibrational body attunement, to clear what doesn’t serve you, elevate your energy, open your heart and restore your authentic vibration with divine love.

Whether you are just coming into awareness of your Soul Awakening or have been intentionally involved on your Path of Light for many years and feel you are stuck in a cycle of lower frequencies and experiencing physical or emotional struggle.


Star Healing

Chakra Balancing

Holistic Counselling


It is well known that we are in a time of transformation, a spiritual process of change within, called Ascension.

This is a gradual shift in consciousness that is bringing more awareness of who we really are as souls upon the planet.

We are moving out of a 26,000 thousand year cycle of darkness and into a new era of love and light, to a higher level of awareness and wisdom, and to the realization that the only solution to our personal dilemmas in life is to come from a state of Unity Consciousness where we love and accept unconditionally our self and all others without judgement and without fear.

The doorway is open through our Heart and our connection to ‘all that is’.

Energetically we are all connected, and we are all ONE.

Our destiny is to experience the unconditional love of the universe.

This takes many journeys across many lifetimes and dimensions in order to fully return to this energy of the Heart, to shed accumulated negative energy of thought and beliefs, some in response to deeply traumatic experiences in this and previous lifetimes that stay with us in every incarnation.

With Earth shifting into a higher octave within creation; karmic energy distortion locked into cells is being released and this process creates the chaos of mis-alignment as we adjust to and integrate more light in our energy fields.

To fully align with this new energy, we must release these fear-based frequencies to the love-based frequencies of spirit. We are then able to embody more of our Divine Light and Presence into physical form.

What clients say

Feeling a lot calmer, I’m managing to get more sleep now, sometimes deep and my anxiety is not so intense.

Thanks so much, I’m recommending Pleiadian Energy Healing to others.

Clare C

Wellington, NZ

I feel better than I have felt in a very long time.

I am sleeping more soundly, falling asleep easily, feel more rested and have greater energy, and ease in getting up in the mornings.

Shannon Savino


My Star healing experience was really effective at eliminating my anxiety which has been ongoing. I found the experience to be unique and has resulted in feeling much more confident, with an expanded sense of awareness. 

Jane B

Christchurch, NZ

Sessions can be in-person or via Skype

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