~ Holistic Healer

I am a Pleiadian/Lemurian Soul, guided by the Power of Spirit, here to express Cosmic Truth, Wisdom and the Divine will of God, I serve as a Galactic connection point and Key code carrier; anchor of Love and Light consciousness.

Certifications :

  • Star Healing Intergalactic Energy practitioner
  • Crystal Light and Gem Healer (Iris Institute of Colour Therapy, UK)
  • Holistic Health Practitioner (Holistic Arts Institute, USA)
  • Spiritual Counsellor (Holistic Arts Institute, USA)
  • Spirit Guide Coach (Deborah King)
  • Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader (Denise Linn)

I am here on Earth this time as a volunteer soul to bring love and healing to others, raise the consciousness of humanity and help co-create the New Earth.

My path has been a long journey of self-discovery and healing to the greater understanding of life and the Universe, to knowing my role and purpose that was taken before birth.

I first had to go through a stage of deep forgetting my own true nature and experience lifetimes in the game of separation until healing and releasing myself from the heaviness of the collective consciousness, aligning with evolved frequencies, to hold a higher vibration that assists with the Divine Plan, to then be able to assist others in re-connecting to the essence of who they truly are in the absence of fear.

It is only by remembering who we truly are and the Divine essence that lies behind our physical being that we can open ourselves to our soul mission and personal expansion, to healing old wounds and seeing everything from a soul perspective that will help us leave behind the old matrix of suffering, slavery and unlove by stepping into a new world of love and compassion.

I have come to understand the unlimited power that lies dormant within all of us when we are willing to seek the truth and free ourselves from ancestral and collective conditioning and limited beliefs.

Shatara | Holistic Healer

Another part of my mission is to raise awareness of life outside our planet, to open Galactic knowledge on our planet and into human consciousness about our star families, to then acclimate to the idea of contact.

Opening hearts to release blockages that are keeping most in fear, doubt, resistance and disbelief to this truth; that we are not alone, we have never been alone, we have assistance from many beings of Love and Light, from many dimensions and realities on our endless evolutionary Path of Soul Remembrance.

In love and service,

Shatara | Holistic Healer


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