Chakra Balancing | Sound Therapy | Crystal Therapy

Experience a gentle relaxation treatment for clarity, balance and well-being using sound and crystal therapy, to help bring your chakras and energy field back into harmony and flow.

Pressure, emotional stress and everyday living can take its toll on the delicate balance of our energy system and if left unchecked can go on to develop imbalance and potential illness.

Chakras are spinning energy centres

Chakras are located throughout your body that reflect your physical health as well as your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

There are seven main chakras that begin at the base of the spine, ascending in a column to the crown chakra at the top of the head.

Each chakra is associated with a particular colour along with certain functions. All your chakras must be open and clear in order to achieve optimum health and balance. Open chakras allow life force energy to flow cleanly and easily, resulting in an increase in energy and awareness along with arousing your natural intuitive abilities.

Sound and Crystal Therapy

Crystals hold unique vibrations of energy which effect and benefit specific energy centres, used with additional sound tools reduces stress, tension, and promotes a deep sense of peace.

crystal therapy
Most of the metaphysical and etheric healing powers and properties of crystals come down from the ages of Lemuria and Atlantis and where to place specific crystals on Chakras or Meridians to heal physical ailments and unblock distorted energies and emotions, healing the body and changing DNA.

Crystals are the DNA of the Earth; they hold the story of Earth’s evolution. They are here to serve you through the Heart of Creation itself. Crystals are frozen light and vibrate the consciousness of love.

My crystal healing session is designed to be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience to:

  • clear your Aura
  • balance your chakra system
  • make way for more of your Higher Self to embody.

First, we’ll discuss any specific areas you would like to focus on or feel need attention.

Then I will start with the treatment, beginning with clearing and balancing your chakras, then placing specially chosen crystals to heal on and around your body in a layout programmed to strengthen and harmonize, allowing for the vibrational frequencies of colour and light to infuse your aura and energy system. Along with additions of sound and subtle aromatherapy to enhance the session.

This in-person treatment will be 45-60 mins and is done in a comfortable relaxed setting.

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