The Heart Chakra

~ Love, compassion, empathy, understanding ~

The Heart is the most powerful tool for Transformation.

Our Heart is the centre of our being, everything must come from the Heart (love, compassion, empathy, understanding) if we want to live our lives in harmony and stay centred in all aspects of ourselves and our lives.

If our Heart centre is out of balance it will ripple out (vibration!) and affect everything else. If any Chakra is out of balance, it links back to the Heart centre being unbalanced in our Root Chakra.

The main source of imbalance is fear. This is a direct severing of our Heart connection because fear is the opposite of Love; it comes from the ego and has no room for empathy and compassion.

Our Sacral Chakra is all about our emotions, sexuality, and creativity.

If not expressed from the Heart, we block our full potential.

Moving up to the Solar Plexus we get our will, internal fire, and self-esteem.

We must learn to love ourselves unconditionally (building our self-esteem) before we can truly open our Heart centre and radiate compassion for all other people and beings on our planet.

When our Throat Chakra is imbalanced,

this can be because we have a fear of fully expressing our truth or difficulty in communication with others. This means love is not fully present, all trying back to our Heart.

The Third Eye Chakra is for being able to see the truth,

heighten our psychic abilities. To truly use these abilities we must come from a place of love for their full potential.

Our Crown Chakra

is about seeing the Divinity in our lives, the bigger picture, the magic, the synchronicities, a deep connection with ourselves and the Cosmos.

This is literally all LOVE, because love is all that is.

Love is the force, the God, the Universe that created YOU.

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