Star Healing


A Star Healing session lasts 1-1/4 hours.

If you are infirmed by age or illness, this will be split into two sessions, a week apart. This allows you to adjust to the powerful energies and to minimize toxic energy releases.

If having a second attunement this session will be the full time.



The Pleiadians will do the healing work at the speed of light, on multiple systems within all cells, and how each person integrates this varies, as this is molecular cellular healing.

Many loving Light Beings, Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters are present also.

Archangel Michael is represented through the Blue Ray of protection and may be experienced by energetically seeing blue light.

During the session, Tuning forks and Tibetan Tingshas are used together with crystal and energetic techniques.
Tibetan tinshas

Since this is not a silent form of healing, information will be shared with you on each process and the purpose of each technique.

You are encouraged to share anything you may feel or see during or after your session.

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Initial Session, 2nd Attunement Session