Star Healing

What is Star Healing?

Star Healing Intergalactic Energy is a powerful
body, mind and spirit healing system

Star Healing is used on adults and children

to reduce or totally eliminate physical, emotional, or spiritual conditions.

Star Healing draws on Celestial, Angelic and Pleiadian energy,

unlike traditional healing modalities currently used.

This magnified Ascension system uses sound, crystals, gems and 20-30 energetic techniques

to heal both the energy and physical bodies at a molecular level.

Negative energy and unwanted patterns of behaviour

can be released along with any repressed emotional problems.
Star Healing brings peace and calm, it removes fears and trauma stored in the body as illness and pain, leaving behind clarity, peace and love.

Star Healing was revealed to Kelly Hampton by Archangel Michael in 2010 using source energy from the Pleiades Star Galaxy. She is the founder of Star Healing Intergalactic Energy TM, and is a well-known Angelic channel, clairaudient, and gifted medium.

Kelly is also the author of three books from Archangel Michael:

  • Into the White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael
  • 2012 and Beyond: The Truth from Archangel Michael
  • The Book of Animals

    This healing modality is not designed to replace other energetic healing methods like Reiki, Theta, Re Connection or other forms, but this healing system is considered the most powerful system on our planet today.

    This healing modality is especially valuable for those under age 30 who need integration of their high vibration, referred to as Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal and Diamond.

    Healing benefits of all types will extend into decades since this is cellular, molecular healing. Greater knowing increases, some report clairvoyance enhancement after their session.

    As human beings you will go through a vibrational shift.  Many are experiencing it now.

    This shift will take humankind closer to the 5th Dimension globally, an angelic realm. Star Healing Energy will take you closer to this dimension and so closer to Angelic frequencies.

    This will help you feel healthier and more peaceful.  Where there is peace and calm in the body, there can be no illness.

    It is my desire that each of you lay aside any fears and extend yourselves into other Galaxies and other healing dimensions.

    Archangel Michael