~ Clients’ Experiences ~

I could really feel the positive energy during the healing session itself

and that stayed with me quite strongly for several weeks, and that is still tangible.

I live close to the ocean and we just had an all-night Tsunami scare some weeks prior to the healing session. It made me feel acutely fearful of Tsunamis. This fear completely disappeared.

My chocolate cravings have noticeably reduced.

I sleep better.

Marianne E

Christchurch, NZ

I have been feeling amazing since I had my healing, you do a wonderful job.
Pauline L

Christchurch, NZ

I have felt ‘Blown’ away with the effect of the healing session, grounded, stronger, calmer and a renewed sense of trust and faith.

Beppie V

Christchurch, NZ

I have been feeling more positive, happier, less overwhelmed. My pain has lessened too.
Lyn D

Nelson, New Zealand

I feel better than I have felt in a very long time.

I am sleeping more soundly, falling asleep easily, feel more rested and have greater energy, and ease in getting up in the mornings. I’m dreaming more vividly and remembering my dreams more.

I feel much calmer and I can respond without anger.

I feel much happier and grateful. I have not had the food cravings and binge eating since the healing session. This is Big! It has made a huge difference in my life!

Shannon Savino


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